Project Overview

The NoMi Red Garden is an opportunity for place-making in our very own North Miami neighborhood. This multi-use event space will bring people together to meet, eat, celebrate and share experiences in the city of North Miami. The venue structures itself to reflect a sense of community and celebration. The NoMi Red Garden will create economic development opportunities along the NW 7th Avenue corridor. This once vacant lot has now been transformed into an event space that contributes to the overall health of the North Miami community.

Project Details

On December 10, 2019, the North Miami Community Redevelopment Agency (NMCRA) Board of Commissioners approved a resolution to take all necessary measures to develop the first phase of the NoMi Red Garden site located at 12351 NW 7th Avenue, 645 NW 123rd Street and 635 NW 123rd Street in the city of North Miami.

The first phase of the project included clearing and cleaning of the project site, draining, underground electrical and plumbing work, a parking lot, and staging the site as a temporary event space to allow for activation with food trucks, music, arts and cultural programming. The NMCRA allocated $500,000 for the first phase of the project in order to have site ready for pop-up events.

The next phase of the project will include establishing a food truck incubator program on site, to assist business owners and local residents interested in starting such business for an on the job type training program. For more information, please contact the NMCRA at 305-895-9839.

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